Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Culinary Team Building in Florence

Are you looking for entertainment or team building activity for your corporate event?
Looking to organize an afternoon of team building for the executive manager of your company?
Consider Florence as the ideal setting for your team of professionals and a culinary team building!

Here is the program of an afternoon Cooking team building in Florence:

15.00 Guests meet their guide who will lead them on a gourmet walk of the town. In addition to being surrounded by masterpieces of the Renaissance, guests will rejoice in the afternoon with some tastings of local meats and cheeses, as well as world-class chocolate!

17.30 hours guests arrive at MaMa Florence the new cooking school in town powered by Le Baccanti tours where there will be exciting culinary team building activities!

first test: Pasta Making Challenge!
Guests, clients, employees and directors you name it- any kind of group culinary team building activities with pasta is a guaranteed success!

After pasta and ravioli has been created by your now master chef guests, we finish the pasta challenge with a toast to all participants. Then, our resident wine expert will explain to the second challenge of the night.

Second team building challenge: Dinner with wine tasting!
Four prestigious wines make part of our this team building activity! All this in a pleasant and informal dinner buffet of traditional Florentine dishes.

The winning team of the two challenges will win the ultimate prize: a magnum of Prosecco to share with participants or ... to enjoy at home.

This is an ideal afternoon for any culinary team building activity in Italy when considering your next corporate event!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Business events in Italy with wine and cooking lessons

Looking for new ideas for your corporate events and team building in Italy with wine and cooking classes?
If you are planning your next convention or meeting for top management, Le Baccanti can help find new ideas to entertain your guests during their teambuilding activity!

Why choose wine and cooking lessons for your corporate team building activity?
What's better than an experience engaging all senses while entertaining the participants after a day of business meetings? Sight, smell, taste and touch all the senses are stimulated by a wine tasting or cooking class.
Team building activities with wine and cooking for corporate events are the ideal vehicles not only to provide a good time guests but also to transmit cultural content of our beautiful country in an engaging and enjoyable format.

The choices are almost endless!
Or perhaps you prefer a wine tasting event in Amarone or Soave?
Tuscany with Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino and/or Nobile di Montepulciano?
Even Puglia!
Visit Umbria to discover Montefalco and Orvieto for beautiful and high-quality wines.

The activities are diverse and flexible- we are ready for all your requests.
If you don't have a clear idea and you are still looking for the right teambuilding activities for the next corporate event, this blog can provide some inspiration. For custom requests, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Examples of Team Building Events in Italy:
- Masterpieces of the Senses (art and wine)
- Wine and Teambuilding dinner: Dinner Wine Challenge
- Make your own wine
- Wine Challenge Aperitig in Milan
- Pasta Challenge: Team building in the Kitchen
- Team building with olive oil trivia and tasting in Tuscany
- Wine, Spirits and Chocolate pairing
- Team building with Pasta in a winery in Rome
- Gourmet Orienteering in Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Objectives of Team Building with Wine, Food and Art

What is the objective of a Team Building event?
There are many objectives to a team building even and they all derive from the desire to foster cooperation and team spirit. For this reason many companies decide to organize team building activities for their employees.

Can Team Building activities be entertaining?
Yes, if the team building event is done by professional staff it can be entertaining! Very often Team Building is also used as opportunities for fun, recreation and incentive to staff and management.

Team Building activities can be adapted in many different ways, including aspects of games and creativity in order to provide an enjoyable evening outside of work. The activities can be customized according to the objectives you want to achieve.

Le Baccanti specializes in creating Team Building with wine, food and culinary instruction in Italy.

Why Team Building with wine?
Team Building activities with wine are an excellent way to engage all the senses in order to stimulate a group’s interest. Sight, smell, touch and taste are the tools that participants will be asked to use for games and for the challenge of the evening. Wine events usually involve a picturesque location, the vast knowledge of a wine expert and enthusiasm of our team to complete the recipe.

Team Building Options: 
Wine Challenge, Aperitivo in Milan or Make Your Own Wine.

Why Team Building with a cooking class?
Using Italian food and culinary arts as a medium for team building will highlight the various aptitudes and abilities of your employees and will be an excellent opportunity to bring to light your participants’ leadership, manual and problem solving skills, organization capabilities and ability to work under pressure.

How many of your employees are accustomed to making pasta by hand? And how many can make 10 consistently shaped ravioli in 2 minutes? Here’s how you can put them to the test:

Team Building Options: Pasta Challenge, Cooking in Chianti Classico, Roman Cooking, Outdoor Chef Challenge.

Why Team-Build using music and art?
Team Building with music and art amplifies the sense already engaged by wine. Italy is full of musical and artistic masterpieces that will inspire and awe.

Team Building options: Wine and Music OR Wine, Art and Music.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Travel Incentive: Wine Tour in Chianti to San Gimignano

If you need to arrange an afternoon of relaxation for your guests visiting Florence, Le Baccanti has the solution as to how to put together fun and culture in a program that will take your guests to visit the Manhattan of Tuscany (San Gimignano) and be delighted by the flavors of the Chianti Classico region in a medieval castle.

This journey takes you from Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, to San Gimignano. An experienced guide will accompany participants through the streets of the village and will focus on cultural and architectural details of the city (best known for gold and saffron) from the Collegiate church to continue the Pinacoteca.

Visit a wonderful medieval castle cellar

From San Gimignano, the group will be ready to reach a stunning medieval castle and visit the cellar where it produces one of the finest Chianti Classico wines. After the welcome reception to the castle, guests will be guided to learn winemaking techniques and visit historical places where wines are aged and refined.

During the dinner chapter of the incentive program, guests can join in the kitchens of the castle to observe an experienced chef at work. Your guests will enjoy a long, relaxing Chianti Classico tasting dinner.

Dine in a Chianti Classico Castle

A full dinner of traditional dishes of Tuscan cuisine accompanied by a selection of wines, learn about the gem of Tuscany which is Chianti Classico while being comfortably entertained in the halls of a historical castle.

The travel incentive program can be organized late in the afternoon, so you can comfortably carry on with your convention work or incorporate morning or early afternoon entertainment activities for accompanying persons apart of your incentive trip.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Reward Incentive Programs: Horseback riding in Italy

Get your business group out of the office and into the beautiful and inspiration Italian countryside and see what they are made of. Le Baccanti offers incentive days filled with Italian fresh air and stunning scenery. We can take your group through the countryside either on horseback or trekking on foot to charming Chianti villages or on trails through the rolling verdant vineyards.
Whether you have a group or just a few horseback riding or trekking can add fun and excitement to your corporate event, even for beginners. The landscape certainly plays a vital role and the rolling hills of Tuscany is easily one of the best backdrops to your trekking or adventure on horseback!

Throughout the year, participants will discover the different colors and seasons of  the beautiful region of Tuscany, working in teams or simply enjoying the magnificent atmosphere!


Gourmet pit stops can be incorporated into your customized event either on foot or horseback, to satisfy your foodie guests so they discover local tastes and flavors of the countryside!


A day in San Gimignano with Filippo Bartolotta, Gianfranco Vissani and Mario Cipollini

I originally wanted to talk about Orienteering, Gourmet Team building activity outdoors, perfect for creating team spirit. Instead, we will reminisce about a day we found ourselves in San Gimignano on La7 that ran an episode of "I’ll Bring You There (Ti Ci Porto Io)" the following week. Filippo was the star as a wine expert and the episode was filmed between the towers in San Gimignano of the “Manhattan of Tuscany.” The region is best known for Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine, saffron, gold and masterpieces of art just like the masterpieces of the senses!

Along with Fillippo, Gianfranco Vissani and Michela Rocco di Torrepadula were assisted by an exceptional host, Mario Cipollini, world champion of high level cycling of Italy worldwide!
The piece was filmed starting with masterpieces of Pinacoteca di San Gimignano and continued to Piazza della Cisterna at the top of the rocky hillsides, where with jokes and lots of laughter, we enjoyed a glass of Vernaccia di San Gimignano Riserva!

The view from hills was breathtaking, all with wonderful light snow!
It's really incredible to have the opportunity to see all San Gimignano and countryside around with so much snow.
The episode was aired March 11 2012, the theme was of course Tuscany!

Le Baccanti attends Vinitaly!

Vinitaly is an annual wine expo and convention for producers, journalists and operators in the magical world of wine.
Vinitaly is the most important Italian exhibition dedicated to Italian wine. Those in the wine world absolutely cannot miss the annual Vinitaly event.

Le Baccanti Tours and Le Baccanti Corporate attends Vinitaly in order to make connections with the most iconic wine professionals for their Team Building activities with wine. During the event, Filippo Bartolotta our resident wine journalist for the L'Espresso Wine Guide and Gourmet Journal “Gazzetta Gastronomica” provides us real-time updates and insider info for the event.

How is Vinitaly useful for Le Baccanti corporate events and Team Building with wine?
In order to organize corporate events where we offer Team Building courses with wine, it is necessary that our activities respect very high wine market standards while exceeding our client’s expectations of any level of wine knowledge.

This objective for our wine teambuilding events is achieved by:
-the use of professional wine experts and engaging speakers
-the search for high-quality wines and doing our homework at events like Vinitaly
-Thorough research of trends and quality wines in order to arrange new corporate events and Team Building activities with wine for our other Team Building activities

Our Team Building activities with wine will be precisely where, alongside renowned wines, your corporate group can participate in game-tasting while learning about Italian terroir, wine makers and great wines from all over Italy!